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“Aida ayda” makes up a full sentence in Turkish; it translates to “Aida is on the moon”. I call it the moon, others may call it the imaginary uninhabited place that they find refuge in for their creative discovery and recovery.

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and moved to Israel when I was 18. I received my Bachelors degree in Design, from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel. I studied in the Visual Communications department where different disciplines were meshed, such as, typography, illustration, interactive design, video making and advertising. I brought these manifold visual sensibilities and my Mediterranean roots to New York two years ago and started pursuing my MFA in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.
The interaction between typography and illustration is one of the main things that I like exploring in my works, therefore I am the art director, designer and illustrator of every piece that is present in my website.



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